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1  Acknowledgements

I am grateful to the members of the Loco project at INRIA Rocquencourt for their encouragement. Their involvement in this work led to useful feedback and exchange (1995).

Many thanks to all those people at GNU who helped me to finalize the GNU Prolog project (1999).

I would like to thank everybody who tested preliminary releases and helped me to put the finishing touches to this system (1999).

I would particularly like to thank Jonathan Hodgson for the time and effort he put into the proofreading of this manual. His suggestions, both regarding ISO technical aspects as well as the language in which it was expressed, proved invaluable (1999-2017).

Thanks to Richard A. O’Keefe for his advice regarding the implementation of some Prolog built-in predicates and for suggesting me the in-place installation feature (1999).

The on-line HTML version of this document was created using HEVEA developed by Luc Maranget who kindly devoted so much of his time extending the capabilities of HEVEA in order to handle such a sizeable manual (2000).

Jean-Christophe Aude kindly improved the visual aspect of both the illustrations and the GNU Prolog web pages (2000).

Many thanks to the following contributors:

Many thanks to Paulo Moura for his continuous help (in particular about Darwin ports), for his ISO Prolog unit tests and for including GNU Prolog in his logtalk system (2000-).

Many thanks to John Collins, the latexmk maintainer, who greatly helped me to simplify the building of the documentation using latexmk (2021).

Copyright (C) 1999-2021 Daniel Diaz Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. More about the copyright
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